Rules and Criteria

Publication and Contributors
The submission must have been broadcast or published, and its first broadcast or publication must have been in 2020. For our purposes, a work is “published” when it is first available to the general public or its intended audience.

Self-published and distributed works are acceptable.

Each work must have had an RCC Member as at least one of its primary contributors. (If you are not a member, join here.)

Format and Deadline
With the exception of full-length books, all materials must be submitted electronically. See this list of what to submit. Note: we would prefer you submit books electronically if possible.

All entries and payments must be received by the deadline. It is recommended if you are entering near the deadline that you submit payment online.

Classes and Categories
The same work may be entered in multiple classes/categories if applicable; each entry requires a separate submission.

Choose the category you believe is most applicable. If your work fits in multiple categories (such as, a print magazine that also has an online version), choose the version you want the judges to view. You may also submit both versions (print and online) separately.

The awards committee and judging panel may, in their discretion, move an entry to another class and category they believe is more suitable.

By submitting a work, you certify you have the authority to, and do, grant RCC a non-exclusive license to publish, display and perform all or a portion of your work in the context of its annual awards ceremony. This is expected to be broadcast live and/or online during the event and may be made available to members or the general public for later viewing online.

Judging Criteria
Judges will determine scores in their own discretion based on the applicable points of this list:

  • Concept
  • Quality of Writing
  • Quality of Artwork
  • Quality of Production
  • Meets Goals/Objectives
  • Meets Deadline
  • Overall Quality